About Us

Our Mission

Our Lady of the River is a vibrant, welcoming community of Catholics seeking to know and imitate Jesus through celebration of the Eucharist, education, and service.

This picture represents the merging of two parishes St. James Mission, Princeton, IA (Est. 1923) and St. Henry Mission, Le Claire, IA (Est. 1935) to form Our Lady of the River (Est. 1969). Painting done by Robert Boudinot

Parish Origins

St. James Mission in Princeton, Iowa (established in 1923) merged with St. Henry Mission in Le Claire, Iowa (established in 1935) to form Our Lady of the River Church in 1969. Father Anthony Conrad was its first pastor. In 1973, a new parish center was built between Le Claire and Princeton. When the new church was dedicated in 1980 by Bishop Gerald O'Keefe, Father James Conroy stated, "The cornerstone (of our church) Jesus, expresses the real purpose and meaning of Our Lady of the River Church, Our Lives, like this church, must be built on Jesus."