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The third Sunday of the month is designated to be the children's Mass.

Bible Study every Tuesday 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.



66:00 p.m.Mass, All Saints Day with Fellowship Following
74:15 p.m.Grief Share
88:45 a.m.Religious Education
1112:00 p.m.A&R 2021 planning meeting in church hall
158:45 a.m.Religious Education
195:30 p.m.Finance Council Meeting
197:00 p.m.Parish Council Meeting
228:45 a.m.Religious Education
26 Thanksgiving


25:00 p.m.Building and Grounds Meeting
5 CafĂ© on Vine (Parishioners)
54:30 p.m.Grief Share via ZOOM
68:45 a.m.Religious Education Classes
85:30 a.m.Immaculate Conception
99:00 a.m.Staff Meeting
138:45 a.m.Religious Education Classes
175:30 p.m.Finance Council Meeting via Zoom
177:00 p.m.Parish Council Meeting via Zoom
208:45 a.m.Religious Education Classes
243:30 p.m.Christmas Eve Mass at COV, Camanche
245:30 p.m.Christmas Eve Mass at OLOR, LeClaire
258:30 a.m.Christmas Day Mass at OLOR, LeClaire
2510:30 a.m.Christmas Day Mass at COV, Camanche
307:00 p.m.Emergency Preparedness Meeting
314:00 p.m.Solemnity of Mary Mass at COV, Camanche
315:30 p.m.Solemnity of Mary Mass at OLOR, LeClaire


18:30 a.m.Solemnity of Mary Mass at COV, Camanche
110:00 a.m.Solemnity of Mary Mass at OLOR, LeClaire
24:30 p.m.Grief Share via ZOOM
38:45 a.m.Religious Education Classes
65:00 p.m.Building and Grounds meeting
108:45 a.m.Religious Education Classes
149:00 a.m.Staff Meeting
178:45 a.m.Religious Education Classes
215:30 p.m.Finance Council Meeting
217:00 p.m.Parish Council Meeting
248:45 a.m.Religious Education Classes