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The third Sunday of the month is designated to be the children's Mass.

Bible Study every Tuesday 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.



17:45 a.m.1st Friday, Rosary/Mass-coffee/fellowship
24:30 p.m.Eucharistic Adoration
25:30 p.m.Mass, with fellowship following
39:00 a.m.Religious Education Class
57:00 a.m.City/School Elections
710:15 a.m.Riverview Manor Mass
910:30 a.m.Liturgy Commission Meeting
109:00 a.m.Religious Education Class
1312:00 p.m.A&R 2019 planning meeting in church hall
179:00 a.m.Religious Education Class
216:00 p.m.Finance Council Meeting
217:00 p.m.Parish Council Meeting
28 Thanksgiving