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The third Sunday of the month is designated to be the children's Mass.

Bible Study every Tuesday 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.



2 Building and Grounds meeting
37:00 p.m.KC Mass and meeting
410:15 a.m.Riverview Manor Mass
57:45 a.m.Rosary, Mass, Social
610:30 a.m.Liturgy Commission meeting
64:30 p.m.Eucharistic Adoration
149:00 a.m.RE Class
177:00 p.m.KC Officers meeting
186:00 p.m.Finance Council meeting
187:00 p.m.Parish Council meeting
19 Women’s CEW weekend at St. Ann’s
218:00 a.m.5th and 6th Grade Liturgy
219:00 a.m.RE Class
26 Men’s CEW weekend at St. Ann’s
27 First Communion Reconciliation
28 K of C Breakfast following Mass


110:15 a.m.Riverview Manor Mass
27:45 a.m.1st Friday, Rosary, Mass, Social
3 Café on Vine (Confirmation Candidates)
34:30 p.m.Eucharistic Adoration
49:00 a.m.RE Class
65:00 p.m.Building and Grounds meeting
7 KC Rosary and meeting
9 Night to Shine
119:00 a.m.RE Class
145:30 p.m.Ash Wednesday Mass followed by KC Fish Fry
18 4th Grade Liturgy
189:00 a.m.Kids Against Hunger
217:00 p.m.KC Officers meeting
2410:00 a.m.Confirmation Retreat at St. Ambrose University