Circle of Grace


CIRCLE OF GRACE was developed by the Archdiocese of Omaha. The program's philosophy represents the core teaching of our Catholic faith: the belief and knowledge of God's real presence in our lives. This presence embraces the very essence of each person. Awareness and integration of this knowledge holds the ability to transform every aspect of a person's life.

What is a Circle of Grace?

Adults assist children by helping them understand that each of us lives and moves in a Circle of Grace. You can imagine your own Circle of Grace by putting your arms above your head then circle down in front of your body including side-to-side. This circle - front to back - holds who you are in your body and through your senses. It holds your very essence in mind, heart, soul, and sexuality.

Why is it important to help our children understand the Circle of Grace?

God intends our relationships to be experiences of divine love. Respectful, nurturing, loving relationships increase our understanding of our own value and help us to love others. It is never too early to help children understand how very special they are and how relationships in life are called to be sacred. Understanding this can help them to protect the special person they are and to be respectful of others.

A truly safe and protective environment is one where children recognize when they are safe or not safe and know how to bring their concerns, fears, and uncertainties to trusted adults.

How is the Circle of Grace Program different from other protection programs?

According to research, one in four girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused by age 18. Many protection programs focus on "stranger danger", however, 90% of the time the perpetrator of abuse is known to the child, such as a relative or family friend. Circle of Grace goes beyond just protection by helping children understand the sacredness of who they are and how to seek help through their relationships with trusted adults.

Comprehensive/Focus Lessons

Child abuse know no borders, boundaries, or incomes. Abuse occurs in every class, culture, and ethnic group. Circle of Grace provides children with the safety skills they need to prevent victimization and to respect each person.

  • Pre-Kindergarten-Third Grades: 3 lessons each
  • Fourth Grade: Internet Focus
  • Fifth Grade: The Influence of Media
  • Sixth Grade: 4 lessons
  • Seventh Grade: Respect
  • Eighth Grade: Morality and Popular Culture

Objectives of the Circle of Grace Program PreK- 8th Grade

  • Children and Young People will understand they are created by God and live in the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Children and Young People will be able to describe the Circle of Grace which God gives each of us.
  • Children/Young People will be able to identify and maintain appropriate physical. emotional, spiritual and sexual boundaries.
  • Children and Young People will demonstrate how to take action if any boundary is threatened or violated.