Knight's of Columbus

Council #13084

We would love to have you join our group. Catholic men 18 years and older are eligible. Meetings are at 7:30 p.m. on the first week of every month in the parish hall. Mass or Rosary at 7:00 p.m. before the meeting in alternating months. Iowa Knight's of Columbus Site
Knight's of Columbus Site

Knight's of Columbus Charter of Council #13084. Featuring the sword of founding member, Msgr. Leo Feeney.

KC Officers

Grand Knight: Joe Kleiss(563) 343-1354
Deputy Grand Knight: Ed Rumpza(563) 289-3521
Recorder: Steve Fye(563) 289-4900
Treasurer: Robert Pegorick(563) 289-3753
Advocate: Bob West(563) 289-4931
Warden: Dan Viktora(563) 289-3630
Inside Guard: John Miller(563) 289-3596
Outside Guard:
3rd Year Trustee: James Anderson(563) 340-9470
2nd Year Trustee: Nick Johnson(563) 508-9952
1st Year Trustee: Mike Gravert(563) 289-5269
Appointed Positions
Chaplain and Lecturer: Father Joe Wolf(563) 289-5736
Financial Secretary: Don Lewis(309) 523-2023